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Kodu is a digital creative and technology agency

We work with content owners, agencies and advertisers to help maximise the impact of their offerings across the digital landscape.

Bespoke Rich Media

Display ad formats augmented with cutting edge creative & tech to create great brand experiences.

Mobile Apps & Sites

HTML5, AIR & native applications and mobile optimised sites for iOS, android, WinowsMobile & BB.

HTML5 Advertising

Custom & template based HTML5 ads to deliver compelling content across mobile platforms.

Touchscreen Content

Brand experiences delivered through touch screen interfaces (interactive displays & tablets).

Social Media

Integrated social media solutions harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Flikr.

YouTube Brand Channels

Bespoke brand channels delivering custom look & feel & features within the YouTube environment.


Branded microsites featuring an array of content streams from social media to augmented reality.

Branded Games

Addictive branded games developed over multiple platforms from iOS & Android to Flash.

Facebook Tabs & Apps

Bespoke facebook tabs & apps featuring branded content such as games, product demos & more.

Viral Content

Branded viral videos & images delivered through the universe of social media.

Kinect Based Interfaces

Immersive content experiences harnessing the power of kinect as an input device.

Google+ Brand pages

Custom developed Google+ brand pages featuring branded content & wider social media integration.

Research and Insight

Research & Insight

Meticulous information gathering on brand,
perception & audience including the way they
interact with all things digital.

Research and Insight

Creative thinking

Ideas have fragile beginnings. We completely believe
that all ideas must have the space to grow into great
concepts without being restricted by negativity.

Research and Insight

Conceptual Visualisation

All concepts are best communicated by the craft
of a visualiser. We storyboard our concepts to
demonstrate our thinking.

Research and Insight

Digital Design

Inspired by the world of design, our masters
of Photoshop & Illustrator bring concepts
a stage closer to becoming a reality.

Research and Insight

Technical innovation

We live and breath all things digital and are always
looking at how the very latest tech can be used
to make our concepts even more engaging.

Research and Insight

Dedicated client service

Like with all good lasting relationships we believe
in getting to know all of our clients so we can offer
the best level of client service.

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